Namiya Kou
Anime Button MYSTERY BAG

Anime Button MYSTERY BAG

This button grab bag will contain a total of 10 buttons of various sizes with random designs!
You may choose if you want to include Fanart, or get only Original designs (like my OCs, etc).
I also offer some Yaoi designs, so if you do not want any Yaoi images, please say so with your order to exclude all Boys Love!

You will get:
4 1" buttons (25mm)
4 1.5" buttons (38mm)
2 2.25" buttons (56mm)

You can not choose here which designs or characters you will receive, so if you want any specific ones, please buy those in addition, or use my Mix & Match listing to choose from my entire button selection! (coming soon)

Most buttons you get will be regular glossy finish, but sometimes there can be frosted or holographic ones too or unique buttons that otherwise aren't for sale!

*  This grab bag has fanart and original designs mixed, but if you prefer I exclude fanart, please let me know! Otherwise, you will get a mix of my entire selection.
*  If you want fanart but don't like a particular fandom, let me know and I'll leave that one out for you!
*  My Yaoi designs are cute and rather tame - there are no explicit pornographic images if that's what you're worried about!
* If you buy more than 1 of these mystery bags or any other grab bags, I will give you unique designs, no duplicates!

Colors may vary due to monitor settings.
11 EUR