Namiya Kou
FFXV Stickers - Complete Set

FFXV Stickers - Complete Set

This is the complete set of my FFXV stickers!
I want to offer a cheaper set for those of you who want the whole set so here it is!

The complete set currently includes:
Two chibi sticker sheets (11 stickers)
5 portrait stickers (Noct, Gladio, Ignis, Prompto & a square Promptis sticker)
5 mascot stickers (chocobo, bomb, moogle, tonberry, cactuar)

You will receive a total of 21 stickers, some of which are kiss cut on the sticker sheets and some are hand cut sticker flakes.

The stickers are on regular glossy adhesive paper and about 2.7" (7 cm) tall.

If you want to buy specific stickers or just a single one or so, please check my shop for the other listings! You can also buy all sticker sheets individually.
I also offer all my stickers with matte, transparent and holographic glittering finishes - check this listing!
14 EUR