Namiya Kou
Monster Hunter World Palico CHARMS

Monster Hunter World Palico CHARMS

These acrylic charms are about 1.5" tall (4 cm) and printed on the front only.
They show three cute Monster Hunter Palicos in different outfits: Tobi-Kadachi armor, Paolumu armor and Leather armor.
You can choose which Palico you want or a buy a set of all 3!

You can also choose a finish: phone strap, keyring, ballchain, or phone strap with dust plug. If you don't specify a finish (you can get different ones if you buy more than 1 charm) then you'll get the phone strap. 
The keyring comes with a little paw charm. I will only add this charm to other finished if you tell me! Otherwise it'll come without (if you get a keyring and don't want the paw, just let me know!). Feel free to request different strap or bell colors, too.

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